July 22, 2023

What type of math is used in gaming?

In the gaming world, math is an essential tool used in various ways. Primarily, algebra and trigonometry play a big role in game development, helping to create graphics, animations, and enabling player movements. Probability and statistics are also used, especially in designing the logic of the game and determining the chances of specific events happening. Calculus often comes into play in more complex games, particularly those that involve physics-based movements or simulations. So, from the coolest graphics to the most exciting gameplay, it's all a game of numbers.

July 11, 2023

Why do game cases no longer come with manuals?

In today's digital age, game cases no longer come with manuals for a few reasons. Firstly, most games now have built-in tutorials, making physical manuals obsolete. Secondly, the move towards digital downloads means there's no physical case to include a manual in. Thirdly, ditching manuals is a cost-saving measure for game companies. Lastly, it's a more eco-friendly approach, reducing paper waste.